What is the Importance of the Snorkel Warranty Process?

Warranty ProcessWhat makes the warranty process so important to owning a Snorkel lift? The relevance of the Snorkel warranty process is twofold – for the upkeep of existing machines and for the production of future machines.

For the user, the product warranty ensures that Snorkel lifts continue to be simple, reliable and robust throughout its working life. Each machine comes with a two-year coverage period on materials and workmanship, and five years for structural components – specifically the chassis, turntable, booms and scissor arms.

To activate the warranty, a Pre-Delivery & Inspection Report (PDIR) must be completed and returned to the Snorkel service department within 15 working days after delivery. See The Toolbox article on How to Perform a Pre-Delivery & Inspection Report. Machines that are held in stock by an authorized distributor may initiate the warranty period up to six months from the date of shipment.

Through the warranty process, Snorkel’s product support team gains a better understanding of how machines perform on the job. Customer comments help the team to fix minor issues, simplify a process, or even provide suggestions for product improvements.

The product support team benefits from tracking warranty data. Using the information, Snorkel’s production facilities can identify any patterns and develop key checkpoints to provide better delivery quality.

Collected data is also reviewed each week to address top overall concerns in product quality. The team looks to implement changes that help reduce warranty costs, and in turn, produce a more reliable machine. If a large-scale resolution is needed, the team will also evaluate assembly procedures, supplier quality, etc.

Not only does the warranty process keep existing Snorkel lifts operating at optimum levels, but it can also improve production, enhance workmanship, and boost productivity in manufacturing and on the job.

To activate your product warranty, visit Warranty Registration.