Snorkel Warranty Claim Requirements at a Glance

Snorkel Warranty FormBefore filing a warranty claim for your Snorkel lift, review these steps to help complete the process. 


  • 2 years parts & labor, 5 year structural warranty
  • The original date of the Pre-Delivery & Inspection Report (PDIR) determines warranty start date. If no PDIR on file, then the warranty start date will be the ship date from the factory.


  • Valid for 180 days from the date of the invoice
  • Parts returns (RMA)
    • Part(s) must be held at the service provider's location for 90 days pending claim review.
    • Return Materials Authorization (RMA) to be issued by the warranty administrator on any parts requested for return to Snorkel. 
    • All parts being returned must follow the below steps. Failure to do so may result in denial of warranty claim. 
      • Carefully packaged to prevent additional damage during shipping. 
      • Drained of all contents and all open ports capped or plugged. 
      • Shipped in a container tagged or marked with the RMA number. 
      • Shipped PREPAID (ground service only). Any item(s) returned for warranty by any other means may be refused and returned unless prior approval is agreed with Snorkel. 
    • Part shall be shipped ground freight only; any other shipping method is the responsibility of the customer.
  • Engines, tires and batteries are excluded from Snorkel’s warranty. Refer to the manufacturer’s warranty. 
  • Incidental or consequential expenses are not covered, including but not limited to:
    • Loss time
    • Loss rentals
    • Freight to transport the unit to and from warranty repair centers
  • Customer is solely responsible for any shipping duties or taxes.


  • Labor is paid at 75% of posted shop rate.
  • Labor declaration form to be provided at the beginning of each year, with a supporting invoice showing shop labor rates.
  • Travel time is paid at $50.00 (USD) per hour, up to a maximum of 3 hours.


  • Must be submitted within 21 days of receiving a denied/rejected or adjusted claim.

To download the Snorkel Warranty Policy or to submit a warranty claim, click here.