How to Perform a Pre-Delivery & Inspection Report

Pre-Delivery & Inspection ReportWhat is a Pre-Delivery & Inspection Report (PDIR) for aerial lifts? This is a comprehensive checklist for that is performed by a service technician after taking delivery of a new Snorkel lift. The PDIR is also used to initiate the warranty period on the machine.

Completing a PDIR properly is important for both the user and the manufacturer by providing an immediate understanding of the delivered quality of the product.

The inspection process helps users become familiar with the machine. It could also help reduce warranty claims by addressing any issues found before the first operation.

At Snorkel, the report data is used to continually improve production. A dedicated team reviews all incoming PDIRs, and a weekly meeting is conducted among product support, engineering and the executive team to monitor patterns.

If any patterns are found at 30, 60 and 90-day periods following delivery, the team will determine whether corrective action in production is needed. As such, misreports or improperly completed PDIRs could be misleading for both users and the factory. This could potentially lead to issues with any future warranty claims.

Each Snorkel lift has an individualized PDIR specific to that model. The PDIR contains a detailed checklist for major components and functionality on the machine. Depending on the size and options available, the step-by-step inspection could take between 2-8 hours to complete.

It is recommended that the service technician begin the inspection process with a full walk-around and general survey of the machine. Following the comprehensive checklist, the technician can use the provided procedure codes to indicate whether service is required and to learn each component and function of the machine.

Technicians should check for cracked welds, dents, rust, leaks, proper installation and operation, tightness of components, residue build-up, decal placement and legibility, and the general condition of the machine components.

All PDIRs for Snorkel lifts can be found on The Platform under Technical Publications. The inspection and report should be completed and returned within 15 working days after delivery of the machine. In the event that a PDIR is not returned, the warranty period begins on the day that the Snorkel lift was shipped from the factory.

To find the PDIR for your Snorkel lift, visit The Platform.
To activate your product warranty, visit Warranty Registration.