Benefits of a Recommended Spare Parts List

Benefits of a Recommended Spare Parts ListProvided by the manufacturer, a Recommended Spare Parts List (RSPL) is a comprehensive list of spare parts needed to perform most equipment repairs and routine maintenance for a particular machine.

Listed in each RSPL are factory recommended replacement parts for wear items as well as operator interface components. Highlighted in gray are preventative maintenance items, such as filters; other operator interfacing items, like toggle switches and joysticks; and components susceptible to normal wear and tear.

Keeping critical spare parts on hand can greatly benefit equipment users. Being able to quickly replace a worn, damaged or faulty part helps to mitigate downtime and maximize efficiency on the job.

All RSPL’s are model or model family specific. Therefore, product lines that share common parts and components also share a common RSPL. To easily identify spare parts, components that are affected by engineering or running changes include serial number ranges.

A listing of RSPL’s for Snorkel lifts can be found under Technical Documents on The Platform.

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