Quick Guide to Testing Specific Gravity of Batteries

In this video, Snorkel’s Mike Sharp, regional product support representative, provides a quick tutorial on how to check the overall condition of lead acid batteries on electric machines. 

Battery-powered aerial lifts need to have a sufficient charge for optimal performance. Accurately measuring the specific gravity of electrolyte in each battery cell is an important maintenance check, which is recommended to be completed at least once per year. 

Before beginning, you will need a hydrometer and proper PPE gear. Please note that it is best to test specific gravity while the battery is warm at approximately 70° F. 

  1. Remove the battery cap 
  2. Pull fluid into the hydrometer syringe to get the specific gravity reading. 
  3. If any cell is 50 points lower, or weaker, than any others, isolate and recharge that cell to avoid damage.