Warranty Labor Rate Declarations

Snorkel is in the process of updating our Warranty Databases, which list labor rates for our paid labor program. Part of this process is to maintain the customer’s current rate of labor.

We issue credit based on the current information contained in your file. We review our files annually and In order for you to receive the correct labor reimbursements; we must receive your current labor rate prior to January 1st of every year.

Currently the Snorkel Warranty Labor Allowance is:  

  1. A labor allowance of 75% of the dealers current published retail labor rate will be allowed. This rate will be based on the records we have on file at Snorkel. The reported retail labor rate must match the shop rate billed to customers and will be subject to audit.
  2. Travel reimbursement is limited to three (3) hours maximum per claim. We pay $50.00 per travel hour within your area of primary responsibility.

If you have been delinquent in updating your labor rates, Warranty claims will continue to be processed at the rate we have on file for your company. Once your current rate is received and processed, we will then begin to process your claims using your current rate within 30 days. 

Labor Rate Information

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