Speed Level

Speed Level

Finding balance on uneven terrain is a job for the Snorkel Speed Level. Tougher than the roughest jobsite, these agile lifts easily climb gradients up to 50%. The first design of its kind, automatic self-leveling capabilities let operators stand up straight on compound slopes. Its platform can level up to 13° from side-to-side and up to 9° from front-to-back.

The RTE series offers fully electric sigma lifts powered entirely by lithium-ion batteries for long-lasting performance. All Snorkel Speed Levels share a common chassis. The SL26SL and SL26RTE have a maximum working height of 31 ft. 6 in. (10.0m) with 1,500 lbs. (680kg) platform capacity and a 3 ft. (0.91m) roll-out deck extension. The SL30SL and SL30RTE have a maximum working height of 35 ft. 4 in. (11.0m) with a load capacity up to 1,300 lbs. (590kg).

The Snorkel SL26SL Speed Level is the original sigma boom lift. Climbing gradients up to 50% and featuring automatic self-leveling without outriggers, it offers superior stability. This Speed Level also features an extension deck for additional outreach.

The Snorkel SL30SL Speed Level is the largest in the line of sigma boom lifts. Automatic self-leveling without outriggers offers a stable platform on gradients of up to 50%. Drivable at full height on powerful 4-wheel drive, the SL30SL tackles all terrains with ease, even on compound slopes.

The Snorkel SL26RTE all-electric Speed Level is powered by long-lasting lithium batteries. Its quiet performance is balanced by automatic self-leveling capabilities, without outriggers. Equipped with a 3 ft. (0.91m) roll-out deck extension, the SL26RTE features a 5 ft. 8 in. x 15 ft.

The Snorkel SL30RTE all-electric Speed Level delivers powerful endurance on all terrains. Capable of automatic self-leveling on gradients up to 50%, this lift is designed to work at height on sloped ground. Its powerful 4-wheel drive can be driven up to 0.5 mph (0.8km/h) at full height.