Scissor Lifts

Scissor Lifts

Always up to the task is what defines Snorkel scissor lifts. We've raised the bar with a full line of scissor lifts suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. These lifts are engineered to deliver high-reaching performance at a low cost of ownership. All Snorkel scissor lifts are built with durable, heavy-duty steel and over engineered components. Designed with compact dimensions, the lifts fit in confined spaces or through standard doorways, and are both nimble and efficient with optional bi-energy on select models.

Ranging from low level, rough terrain or electric, the Snorkel line of scissor lifts spans maximum working heights from 12 ft. 6 in. (4.0m) to 45 ft. (13.9m) and maximum platform capacities from 500 lbs. (227kg) to 1,500 lbs. (680kg).

The Snorkel S3006P push-around mini scissor lift is ideal for indoor, low level working at height. With a compact design, this mini scissor lift can be transported in a passenger elevator, making it ideal for multi-story fit-out projects or maintenance applications in large buildings.

The Snorkel S3008P push-around mini scissor lift offers innovative low level working at height in indoor applications.

The Snorkel S3010P push-around mini scissor lift reaches high for indoor, low level working at height. With the highest reach of the push-around scissor lift line, this mini scissor lift is fitted with non-marking casters to easily navigate confined spaces.

The Snorkel S3010E is a self-propelled electric scissor lift designed small yet mighty. Its compact dimensions and zero inside turning radius are ideal for working in tight spaces, and ‘point and go’ joystick controls make it super-easy to operate.

The Snorkel S3019E self-propelled electric scissor lift stacks the deck. This all-electric lift features a sunken scissor stack that stows inside the chassis, offering a low step-in height. Compact and nimble, its slim design easily fits through doorways and on passenger elevators.

The Snorkel S3215L is a lightweight electric scissor lift. This heavy duty lightweight machine features a reduced weight while maintaining durability. A fixed aluminum platform offers more space in a lighter construction for indoor and outdoor jobsites with floor load restrictions.

The Snorkel S3215E electric scissor lift delivers long-lasting performance in a compact design. Narrow dimensions and non-marking tires move easily through tight spaces from outdoor to indoor. Lightweight with a generous load capacity, the S3215E proves size matters.

The Snorkel S3219E electric scissor lift packs big features in a compact size. Easily driven through a standard doorway, this scissor lift suits indoor and outdoor applications. A telescopic roll-out deck extension maximizes platform space and deep cycle batteries maximize working hours.

The Snorkel S3220E electric scissor lift features deep cycle batteries, a high lift capacity, and a robust all-steel construction. Designed for a long working life, the S3220E delivers low total ownership costs.

The Snorkel S3226E electric scissor lift sets a new standard within the aerial lift industry. A dual shear scissor stack and upsized pins provide rigidity, and a very stable working platform.

The Snorkel S4726E electric scissor lift is designed to handle the heavy loads. With a high lift capacity and spacious platform featuring roll-out extension deck, the S4726E can handle most applications. Constructed from heavy-duty steel, and designed for a long working life, the S4726E delivers a low total cost of ownership.

The Snorkel S4732E electric scissor lift offers the highest lift height in the line. A spacious roll-out deck extension with saloon-door style entry gates maximizes the platform working area. Deep cycle batteries ensure the lift works as long as you do, and a robust all-steel construction means it will keep on working for years to come too.

The Snorkel SL26RT Speed Level is the original sigma boom lift. Climbing gradients up to 50% and featuring automatic self-leveling without outriggers, it offers superior stability. This Speed Level also features an extension deck for additional outreach.

The Snorkel SL30RT Speed Level sigma boom lift makes the grade. Automatic self-leveling without outriggers offers a stable platform that can level up to 13° from side-to-side and up to 9° from front-to-back. Drivable at full height on powerful 4-wheel drive, the SL30RT tackles all terrains with ease, even on compound slopes.

The Snorkel S2255RT narrow rough terrain scissor lift provides excellent off-road performance thanks to a powerful diesel engine. Its ultra-narrow width and low weight means it can be easily towed on a tandem trailer.

The Snorkel S2755RT narrow scissor lift is designed to be ultra-compact for outdoor work in confined spaces. Designed to deliver excellent off-road performance, this diesel-powered rough terrain scissor lift tackles all types of terrains with ease.

The Snorkel S2770RT compact rough terrain diesel scissor lift is lightweight yet powerful. Equipped with robust 4-wheel drive, it makes easy work of rough terrain. Compact dimensions allow the S2770RT to perform outdoor work in confined spaces. Auto level outriggers and a roll-out deck extension also come as standard.

The Snorkel S3370RT compact rough terrain diesel scissor lift delivers superb rough terrain performance. Its excellent ground clearance combined with an oscillating axle tackle all terrain with ease. Standard features include auto level outriggers for stability and a roll-out deck extension for accessibility.

The Snorkel S3970RT rough terrain scissor lift is the largest in the Snorkel compact rough terrain scissor lift family. This diesel-powered lift features an oscillating axle and excellent ground clearance for superb off-road performance. Designed to be compact and lightweight, the versatile S3970RT can also fit in confined spaces.

The Snorkel S2770BE offers the capabilities of the S2770RT compact rough terrain scissor lift with a bi-energy power system. Highly versatile, use the diesel engine for outdoor work, or switch to zero emission battery power for indoor tasks.

The Snorkel S3370BE adds bi-energy capabilities to the S3370RT compact diesel scissor lift. Switching to battery power for indoor work helps to meet noise and emissions laws and regulations. A powerful diesel engine, roll-out deck extension and non-marking, high grip tires gives the S3370BE the ultimate jobsite flexibility.

The Snorkel S3970BE is the bi-energy version of the S3970RT rough terrain scissor lift. For the ultimate jobsite flexibility, operators can switch between a diesel engine and zero emission battery power. Compact with a roll-out deck extension and non-marking, high grip tires, the S3970BE suits all terrains.

Long-lasting lithium batteries power the Snorkel SL26RTE all-electric Speed Level. Its quiet performance is balanced by automatic self-leveling capabilities, without outriggers. Equipped with a roll-out deck extension, the SL26RTE features a spacious platform, when extended.

The Snorkel SL30RTE all-electric Speed Level delivers powerful endurance with zero emissions or noise. Capable of automatic self-leveling on gradients up to 50%, this lift is designed to work at height on sloped ground. Its powerful 4-wheel drive can be driven at full height.

The Snorkel S3210P push-around scissor lift is rated for outdoor low level work. It offers a durable design for tough site conditions with no stabilizers required. Ideal for low level working at height, this mini scissor lift easily passes through standard doorways.

The Snorkel S2255BE narrow rough terrain scissor lift delivers off-road performance anywhere. A bi-energy power system allows operators to switch between a diesel engine for outdoor work and zero emission battery power for indoor work.

The Snorkel S2755BE narrow rough terrain scissor lift adds bi-energy power to four wheel drive performance. Switching from diesel-powered outdoor work to battery-powered, zero emission indoor work is made easy, and the lightweight design can be towed on a car trailer.

The Snorkel S2770RTE compact rough terrain electric scissor lift offers excellent maneuverability. Its robust 4-wheel drive is paired with a lightweight, compact design. The S2770RTE can handle rough terrain and work in confined spaces with ease. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, it provides long-lasting and quiet performance. 

The Snorkel S3370RTE compact rough terrain electric scissor lift is clean and quiet. Powerful 4-wheel drive and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries make this scissor lift highly versatile for outdoor work. It delivers superb terrain capabilities from a compact design to easily navigate tight areas.

The Snorkel S3970RTE compact rough terrain electric scissor lift delivers dynamic performance. Equipped with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, this scissor lift offers clean and quiet operation. A compact design makes it easy to maneuver tight areas and powerful 4-wheel drive tackles tough terrain.

The Snorkel S4740E is the only Snorkel electric scissor lift with available hydraulic and electric drive. Durable lead acid batteries provide long-lasting performance. The rugged and robust S4740E features a variable tilt system suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

The new Snorkel S9033RT high capacity rough terrain scissor lift measures up. A spacious roll-out deck extension with superb lift capacity makes it easy to work at height. Excellent ground clearance, a tight inside turning radius and powerful 4-wheel drive tackle rough terrain with ease.

The new Snorkel S9043RT high capacity rough terrain scissor lift delivers high performance. Equipped with a spacious roll-out deck, this scissor lift offers excellent lift capacity. Superb terrain capabilities can easily handle tough jobsite conditions on powerful 4-wheel drive.

The new Snorkel S9053RT high capacity rough terrain scissor lift is a high-powered performer. Designed to tackle tough terrain with ease, its terrain capabilities is coupled with a large roll-out extension deck. This scissor lift features stabilizers as standard for sturdy versatility on all terrain.

The Snorkel S9031RT-HC ultra-capacity rough terrain scissor lift is ideal for heavy lifting. Its robust construction offers best-in-class lift capacity. With a twin extension deck and pallet gate, offering an extra-wide 6.5 ft. (1.9m) opening, tools and materials can be easily lifted.

The Snorkel S9043RT-HC ultra-capacity rough terrain scissor lift features high lifting capacity. Designed to carry the load, this scissor lift is equipped with a pallet gate to conveniently load materials onto a large twin extension deck. Robust 4-wheel drive maneuvers through rough terrain with ease.

The Snorkel S9056RT-HC ultra-capacity rough terrain scissor lift handles heavy tasks. A high lift capacity and high lift height elevate this scissor lift to new levels. Designed with a twin extension deck and extra-wide pallet gate as standard, it is easy to work at height with tools and materials.

The Snorkel S9070RT-HC is the largest ultra-capacity rough terrain scissor lift in North America. Featuring a twin extension deck as standard, it combines a large platform working area with an extra-wide pallet gate and high lifting capacity for increased productivity on the job.